Levitation – Flattening Red and Blue

Levitation – Flattening Red and Blue & Blurred Violet

Life is an order of energy. In the artwork space, an order of energy is created, just like life.

The sphere is not supported by anything. Nevertheless, through the order of energy, the sphere transcends the concept of mass: it levitates in the space between the floor and ceiling, floating up and down.

When a person taps the sphere, it floats away, falls to the ground, and rolls away.

But if there is no external interference, it will slowly rise into the air again, as though restoring itself to its original state. The sphere also appears to shift between two and three dimensions.

The existence of life can be thought of as a Supernature Phenomenon that defies the laws of physics.

When an order of energy is created within the artwork space, the sphere transcends universal gravitation, violating physics as life does.

The sphere slowly levitates, becomes suspended in the middle of the space, and floats up and down in the air.

When a person views the Supernature Phenomenon before them, it causes their perception to change, thus leading to a new cognitive experience that differs from that of everyday life.

This artwork aims to explore changes in cognition.

© Image & Text teamlab, teamLab, 2021, Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

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Transforming the human body into sculptures by metallic body paint

Transforming the human body into sculptures.

Photographers and artists like Mario Sorrenti, Guido Argentini, Paul Roustan and many more have achieved mesmerising visuals by transforming the human body into artistic sculptures.

By applying metallic body paint the body seems stripped of it’s nudity and obtains new aesthetic qualities.

Guido Argentini photographed dancers coated with silver paint and refashioned the skin into shining metal liquid.

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Gitex by Felix Faire

GITEX by Felix Faire

Intriguing visuals by Felix Faire using urban data visualisation for the annual GITEX in Dubai.

GITEX is an annual technology conference in Dubai. The immersive data room allowed users to navigate a virtual map of Dubai using gesture controls and interact with rich sets of land registry, energy usage and transport data.

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