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Statement Mono Power Amplifier by Naim Audio

Statement Mono Power Amplifier – leaping forward in technology and design.

The series comprises the NAC S1 preamplifier and NAP S1 mono power amplifiers. The imposing monolithic structure with its stark silhouette is offset by the organic sculptural flow of the heat sink and the beautifully lit volume control and central divide.

This duality in the design reflects how the pursuit of technical brilliance is grounded in the abstract human experience of music.

The noisy power supply is housed in the base and sensitive electronics are nestled above. Each section is divided by an acrylic centre-piece that blocks interaction. Top section electronics are separated further still, with internal chambers isolating individual stages.

The Statement NAP S1 features a new bridged dual design with zero global feedback. The two stages are physically separated to optimise the amplifier circuit with the delicate voltage stage at the very top of the power amplifier.

Every component, curve and connection in Statement demanded new levels of engineering and tolerance.The distinctive ‘wave’ heat sinks begin life as a solid billet of untreated aluminium, which is cut to size and machined to achieve the curved profile. 

Text remixed and adapted.

Original Source: © Images & Text Naim Audio

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